Walking Level Guide

At Great British Walks we believe it is important to choose a holiday and itinerary to suit your ability and fitness level. You will get the most enjoyment and fulfillment from your walk if you are able to take in and enjoy your surroundings and not feel that you are under pressure with time.

Our three walking level grades are intended as a guide only. We suggest that you are realistic about your walking ability.

Choose your grade...

Walking Level 1

Easy Walks of approximately 8-10 miles a day with gradual ascents of no more than about 300m. Most people walk between 2 and 4 miles per hour, and we like to assume you will be stopping to take in the view so a 10 mile walk should take 5 hours at most, plus rest stops.

Walking Level 2

Moderate Walks of approximately 10-12 miles a day with ascents of no more than about 450m and walking at a steadier pace as there is further to go. Paths may be rockier and there may be some steeper ascents, but again you should still be able to stop and rest and take in your surroundings.

Walking Level 3

Challenging Walks are approximately 10-15 miles a day, with not necessarily more ‘uphill’ walking, but longer distances are involved, so more stamina is required.

Comfort and experience

The experienced walker will know that comfortable footwear is essential and compass skills and map reading skills are always useful. Long distance footpaths offer wonderful long days following ancient footpaths steeped in history. They are all fabulous journeys which will reward you with a sense of achievement.

Which level is best for you

Most people, who have a reasonable level of fitness, will be able to undertake the Easy and Moderate walks. We have longer itineraries to stretch those miles out over more days to help you! For the Challenging walks we would suggest you should be an experienced walker who is used to longer mileages and capable of plenty of uphill walking and uneven terrain.

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